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win at betting

The principle of placing bets is very simple – to find out and bet on the outcome of any event that you think will happen. Of course, there is much more behind the scenes than just that. If you want to predict any event as correctly as possible, you must be well-informed about the sport, the participating teams or players and types of bets.

So how is it possible that even with good knowledge you can still lose a bet? Extensive knowledge is an important assumption, but it is far from the only one. Tips and little secrets of great betting masters play a big role in placing bets, which will bring you one step closer to winning bets. Below you will learn some golden rules of betting that you prefer to keep to yourself.

What type of gamer are you?

type of gamer

If you’re wondering what the perfect type of bettor is, you’ll be looking for an answer for a long time, because there is simply no such thing. We know many players who spend days and nights in front of screens watching matches and collecting statistics and who also know exactly what the competitors had for breakfast and how much sleep they got. Despite extensive knowledge, in the vast majority of cases it is average bettors with average wins and losses.

Then there are players who rely only on their intuition when betting and have real winning streaks. However, even these players are not spared by luck, so long periods of winning bets can end badly. After all these years of searching, we have come to the conclusion that the ideal bettor does not exist and cannot be determined solely on the basis of the highest winnings. Good bettors are also all those players who may be waiting for their winning moment. Of course, we must not forget about all those who once enjoyed winning bets, but simply could not stand the pressure of losing, which took them away from their favorite activity forever.

Especially beginner players without any prior knowledge think that they can expect high winnings by just watching a few matches a week, but this thinking is completely meaningless – just like relying on intuition and feeling when placing bets. You may indeed have some beginner’s luck, but this way of betting does not bode well in the long run. Find out more about betting for beginners here.

Analytical players with the ability to calculate the probability of the outcome of any event and assess the risk are of course ahead of the rest, but even this is far from enough. A large proportion of users in bookmakers still face many problems in the event of a loss after a long winning streak. The danger of placing pointless bets just because of disappointment in the event of an unexpected loss is especially looming here.

Choose your niche sport

Choose your niche sport

Have you ever met someone who excels in just about every field? Neither do we. Just as there is no doctor who can already fix a horseshoe on a horse half an hour after an operation, so there is no bookmaker who can bet on a football match on Monday, a horse race on Wednesday and a cricket match on Saturday. Even if such a player exists, his income from betting is not exactly fabulous, since it is practically impossible to follow and bet on so many different sports at the same time. Once you’ve chosen the type of sport you want, go one step further and place bets on just two or a maximum of three leagues that should become your area of expertise. Are you interested in the German Bundesliga? Then gather information and place bets only on this league, as this way you can expect the highest chance of winning – certainly higher than if you bet on a Greek league that you are completely unfamiliar with.

If you want the greatest possible chance of success, bet on non-classic sports events. There is no problem betting on the outcome of a match if one of the teams is Barcelona or Real Madrid. It is more of a general knowledge rather than an in-depth understanding of statistics and sports discipline. For the highest possible winning chances, you should focus on smaller leagues, such as the Croatian second league, because everyone knows the major leagues well, while especially the second-tier leagues are unknown even to bookmakers who tend to focus on major matches and championships. As a good connoisseur of the Croatian second division, you will have a much better chance than a bookmaker, as there is a good chance that the bookmaker’s staff will not deal with seemingly unimportant leagues.

Tip: Placing bets all over the place is never a good idea. Rather, find a niche sport that suits you best and focus on just one or two disciplines. Betting is also a kind of work that requires your attention and it will take you quite some time before you analyze all the events and available information, so be very patient.

Match analysis

In the world of online betting, there are more and more players who bet purely for pleasure and do not pay attention to the rules, let alone strategies. Despite its popularity, this way of placing bets usually does not bode well, because in the long run no “weekend” bettor can maintain a winning streak. Even if you’re betting just for fun, it’s worth following a few golden rules and doing at least a little analysis of certain matches to give yourself a higher chance of winning. If you do not have extensive knowledge, you can still turn the probability of winning in your favor with a good match analysis.

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