Number of bets placed

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Number of bets placed

If you had to guess how many bets the pros pay in per month. Would the answer be 10, 20, 30 or even more? As a rule, the number is around 10 per month, some pay as much as 30, but in this case it is about connoisseurs who know exactly what they are doing. The range between 10 and 30 paid bets is the best starting point for assessing the value of the bet and lasting betting success. For beginners, it is recommended to place around 10 bets per month.

Beginners in particular are known to pay in around 30 bets per month, which is complete nonsense. You have probably already noticed that it is much more difficult to deposit 10 compared to 30 bets when betting, because almost every day there is a new opportunity for new winnings. In betting, quality comes before quantity. You can place dozens of bets, but it does you absolutely no good if none of them win. On the other hand, you can only deposit five good bets that you know have a very high probability of winning, which is still better than ten deposits. Of course, you will want to place more than ten bets, but it is more beneficial to hold back, even if it is very difficult.

A great deal of patience

great deal of patience

Betting is anything but a race, so there’s no need to rush recklessly. Also, do not look for a drug to calm your mind in bets, as they will primarily cause the release of large amounts of adrenaline. Since nervousness is never a good advisor, especially when it comes to betting, every player should take some time for himself to clear and calm his agitated thoughts. Therefore, each of us needs a kind of resting state, i.e. a time when you forget everything related to betting.

This means that you do not check your bookmaker’s website for a while and do not look for odds information. Although the first few days will be difficult, you need to relax and take the bets off. Experts also emphasize the positive impact of a shorter break from betting, which applies not only to the time after a lost bet, but also to any larger winnings. If you are too excited, you simply cannot analyze events rationally, as if you are calm and collected.

It is often mentioned how easy it is to place bets these days. Of course, this only applies if each event unfolds exactly as planned. The problem arises when the bets are no longer winning one after the other. As many as 90 percent of players stop betting in such a case, instead of taking a break and trying again. Thus, they lose all the funds in their account quite unnecessarily.

Solution: Choose the size of the amount as a kind of limit, be it 10 or 1000 euros. Every time you win or lose and the height rises or falls above or below the chosen limit, take a break from betting. Go for a walk in a nearby park and enjoy some fresh air. You heard right. Do this after defeat and victory. Even a winning streak can be a risk for players who become less attentive after a certain time and quickly catch a mistake.

Put the emotions aside

Put the emotions aside

Bets and emotions don’t belong together. The best bettors don’t even see the sport, they only see numbers, odds values, risk levels and probability data in front of their eyes. If you quickly give in to emotions even in your everyday life, you will have to put your emotions aside in an online bookmaker and focus on analyzing what is happening. Highly emotional players will not find it easy when placing bets, as you must always expect the unexpected, even in the last minutes of the match.

Regardless of the type of sport. In almost every game, it has already happened that the final result has completely changed in the last minutes of the game, which can be a big shock for you. Turns are especially painful in matches where two teams played, one of which was favored and better on paper. It has happened many times that the favored team has lost the game in the last five minutes due to a stupid mistake, which is sure to be a big shock to any bettor who was firmly convinced that the better team would win. But whether we like it or not, such things are a constant in betting, so it is important to keep calm even in the event of a loss and not place additional bets in a rush of emotions. Such bets almost never end well.


Roughly speaking, bet payers can be divided into two groups. In the first, there are players who bet just for fun and the desire for adrenaline, and in the second, serious bettors who bet for profit. Even if you haven’t had luck smiling at betting for a long time, that doesn’t mean you should find another hobby. It’s just an indication that you’re doing something wrong. So read our betting tips and discover and eliminate the bad habits that prevent you from winning bets.

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